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Thank you Nanamaw and Great Grandmaw (Part 2)

In addition to the supplies, future Christmas & birthday presents and food goodies Nanamaw and Great Grandmaw also sent the kids some “open now” presents.

Since our schedule was a little crazy, it wasn’t until June 6th that we were able to connect with Nanamaw on Skype so that she could watch the kids open their presents.

At first glance, Sianna grabbed her new hairbows and Schäfer started reading his new book.

But then they found the toothbrushes…

Oh what joy a new toothbrush brings! Schäfer got Snoopy and Sianna got Tinkerbell.

In Selah’s goodie basket was this sweet bunny.

Nanamaw bought him because his tag says “Qingdao 12/2010”. Selah was born in Qingdao on 12/2010! Isn’t that CRAZY! Nanamaw saw this at Toys-r-us in Louisiana and knew this little bunny just had to come back to China!

Selah thanks you for the bunny, lovie blanket and 3 sweet outfits.

Schäfer and Sianna insisted on wearing their long sleeved shirts!

2011-06-06@16-26-53 2011-06-06@16-27-23
2011-06-06@16-28-00 2011-06-06@16-27-38
Sianna loves her new Biscuit book and hairbows. The ladybug ear buds are perfect.

These frog ear buds are perfect too! There’s nothing like having a couple amphibians sticking out your ears.

2011-06-06@16-35-30 2011-06-06@16-42-02
2011-06-06@16-40-14 2011-06-06@16-41-17 2011-06-06@18-56-44
Schäfer was so excited to get so many goodies. It was almost Christmas morning around here! Schäfer insisted on wearing everything now – including the socks!

Before bedtime that evening, the kids wanted to read the new books again. (You can tell we’re starved for new literature. Life without an English library is tough!)

I don’t know if they’ve ever been more excited about brushing their teeth.

Selah thought her bunny tasted wonderful!

Thank you Nanamaw and Great Grandmaw! Your gifts were so fun and thoughtful.

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