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All on a Saturday

On Saturday morning at 7:30am, my friend invited me (Shorel) to help out with the opening of his new bakery across town. His friend picked me up and I crammed into a car with four other bakery workers. Once there, he had me put on a bakers shirt. I was then told to stand around the kitchen.

That’s it.

After a while I grew listless and started helping with the baking, making various buns and prepping as needed.

My friend then had me stand in the middle of the front show room and eat random pastries…

At last, I wandered outside an started flagging down passersby in the hopes of making a good impression: “Come one, come all. The foreign baker bakes here!” I think I made a few people rubber-neck on their way past.

Opening day crowds.

Whipping up some mad pastry delights!

The crowds were non-stop.

Meanwhile back at the house…

Selah plays with her passie after naptime.

Sianna comes to check out Selah.

Sianna would love to get in Selah’s crib.

Meanwhile, Schäfer takes Selah’s new soft blanket and puts Raffe in it on the couch.

About 5:30pm, our family headed off to Walmart to grab a round of supplies for Sunday brunch and a little bit of ice cream.

Nothing says summer like a Magnum bar!

The kids and I walked to a new neighborhood to check out their playground. Little did we know, we had entered “Mosquito Island”.

Schäfer found some pebbles to play in.

Sianna checked out the playground equipment.

Schäfer made a “boat”.

Hubs elevated the fun with bubbles.



After 984 mosquito bites, we headed home. Selah enjoyed the view from above.

1 comment to All on a Saturday

  • jdavis2

    this post reminded me of an article i read recently about chinese hiring foreigners for “a face job”. looks like those acting/theatre skills are finally being put to good use!
    in other viewing enjoyment news: love schafer’s boat 🙂 and sianna chasing bubbles!

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