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Back to Yichang

At the end of July, we suddenly decided to visit Yichang. It had been 18 months since the kids and I had been back. I guess 18 months isn’t a long period of time, but it’s enough time to gestate a baby and return with a 7 month old!

We weren’t really planning on going that direction this summer. Hubs and I hoped to journey to the western part of China, but the friends we wanted to see were out of town. So, we called our buddies in Yichang to see if they wanted to get together, but they were literally leaving for the train station. When they offered us their apartment, we decided to get ourselves up the Yangtze to see some familiar faces.

We left on the 6:30am bus going to Wuhan. With a little Thomas and some napping, the kids did alright on the 3 hour bus ride.

Once in Wuhan, Hubs picked up 2 sleeper tickets for the 4 hour train to Yichang. Unfortunately, only the third level bunk was available.


The train lulls Selah right to sleep.

After nap time, Hubs and Sianna enjoyed some granola.

Meanwhile, Schäfer enjoyed climbing up and down the ladder.

We arrived at the new Yichang East train station, which serves as the main train hub for the city now. It handles all the trains going west on the new mountain route, and will also handle the high-speed trains going east to Wuhan later in the year.

We discovered that the taxis fares have doubled since we left. Now, they start at 6RMB! Crazy.

I forgot how many hills are in western Hubei. On the taxi ride into town, it was so neat so see how the city rolls up and down with the hills.

Once we were settled in the apartment, we called friends and got together for a meal. We could have talked all night, but by 9pm the kids were in desperate need of sleep.

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