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ChengDu :: Day 2

I am officially on a Benadryl hangover, but I press on.

This morning we traveled across town to get together with some friends. We were surprised to see the fabulous Miss Elizabeth was in town. After a time of fellowship (in which Schäfer sang a solo – that he made up on the spot), we gathered at a local restaurant to break bread together.

It was so fun to catch up with friends that we have literally not seen in years.

Of course, living in ChengDu made them ask, “Why did you come to ChengDu on vacation?”

Honestly: The Weather! It’s blazing on the Yangtze River. In ChengDu I can comfortably wear jeans and a t-shirt. I haven’t sweated in 48 hours. That’s refreshing to my soul.

We hung out for so long that we missed the kids nap window. They seemed to have caught a second wind even though we pulled out the vacation card: no nap means no ice cream.

There was no ice cream. Just two giggling kids.

It was raining so we decided to go to Ikea which turned out to just be a bus ride away. Schäfer immediately wanted to check into the play area. Selah and Sianna stayed with us.

We had a great lunch. While we finished eating, Schäfer was playing in the food court play area. He was wrestling with an alligator. Yesterday, Schäfer begged Hubs for a wooden gun that shoots rubber bands. Hub said that at the end of our trip, the kids could pick out one toy. I wanted to avoid the rubber band gun at all costs. (For I know who the moving targets will be.) And with Selah crawling all over the house, the last thing I need is rubber bands on the floor.

So we offered to let the kids choose their toys at Ikea – besides the quality would be so great. I was 100% sure Schäfer would want to get the alligator.

Instead, he wanted a wooden truck that was more appropriate for a three-year-old.

But then he saw a tunnel and decided he wanted more train stuff. Honestly, we’ve got train stuff coming out our ears, but Hubs reminded me that Schäfer gets to pick his gift. The tunnel!

Sianna chose this hammer set which she played earlier in the day. Yes, it’s loud. I need to find a special place for her to hammer.

Hubs surprised me with a piece of furniture that was on sale. Getting that shipped took some time because Hubs had to find an ATM. Eventually, we made it home much later than expected.

I got the kids down and went for round 2 of Benadryl.

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