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The Last Day of Preschool

Today was the last day of Xiao Ban for Schäfer.

I’m so thankful we can now officially say, “Summer is here!”

Schäfer’s school makes July and August optional. Academically, it’s spent as review time going over the lessons they had during the previous 2 semesters. There’s less students. I think Schäfer’s class went from 22 students to maybe 12.

We had Schäfer go for 3 weeks in July because we were still in work mode. Plus, Schäfer really likes going to preschool. He’s social.

Thank goodness, I can officially say to him, “We’re leaving on Sunday for our summer vacation! No more school until September 1!”

I didn’t take a photo or make a big deal about his last day with his teachers. He’ll have the same teachers next year. They move up with their class. Having the same teachers makes me so thankful we don’t have to start over next fall. His teachers know his language level. They know his personality. They know our family.

I thought about making the teachers a gift, but couldn’t come up with anything lovely without turning the oven on which is almost unbearable in July.

Summer has officially begun!


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