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Yichang :: 3

This morning, we met Ye Ye in town and decided to go for a walk along the river.

2011-07-27@08-51-20 2011-07-27@08-52-44

Schäfer easily makes friends wherever he goes.


This is such a familiar scene to me that hasn’t changed one bit.

What is new is Wan Da Plaza down by the ship docks where all the tourist get on and off the Three Gorges tour boats.

Gotta love China. They can knock off anything such as Dairy Fairy instead of Dairy Queen.

Inside the mall.

We popped in Walmart to get some food for the train to Chengdu. We were delighted to find this travel friendly ri gan mian.

Well, the rumors proved true. Yichang now has Papa Johns and Diary Queen.

Schäfer always asks for a “cone with a duck tail”.


Hubs always orders green tea ice cream with fudge on top.

After a nice long walk around Wan Da Plaza, we hoped on the bus and headed back to our friend’s apartment for a quick lunch and naps.

After naptime, Hubs headed out to see his friends and I had planned on taking all three kids downtown in search of my friend Zhi Qiong. She has not been answering her phone, so I thought I might stop by her work and say “ni hao”.

On may way downtown, I stopped by my favorite bubble tea shop and grabbed a drink.

2011-07-27@18-09-40 2011-07-27@18-10-21
The kids got a lemonade. It was so hot!

Just as we were walking down the street, who did we see? Zhi Qiong and Yu Jie Jie!

I can’t believe how much Yu Jie Jie has grown!

Zhi Qiong was on her way to buy Yu Jie Jie a dress so we joined her and then walked her to the bus stop. I was so happy that I ran into her. We made plans to get together tomorrow at an indoor sand pit.

Meanwhile, Hubs had accompanied his friends into town and so the kids and I joined them for dinner. My heart was so delighted to be with so many friends.

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