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1st day of preschool 2011


Our train from Shenzhen arrived at 7:50am. I didn’t expect it, but by the time we got home Schäfer was in his full extrovertedness.

Since it was Friday, I planned on Schäfer staying home and starting school on Monday, but he was awake, talkative and ready to seize the day.

Me: Want to start preschool?
He: OK!

And with that, he changed into clean clothes, grabbed his backpack and walked out the door.

Schäfer is 4.8 years old. He is starting Zhong Ban (4 year preschool).

But then he was suddenly shy. Shorel, Sianna and I walked him across the street to school. He hid behind me when the usual teachers greeted him.

We walked to his new classroom. He’s in the Olive Class this year. He has the same teachers and same classmates as last year, but they all have moved to a different classroom.

His picture was up with the rest of his classmates.

The new classroom was larger with many windows.

Suddenly, He Laoshi appeared and everything was fine. Schäfer told her about his summer travels and I helped out when he forgot the name of a city.

After a quick hug and kiss, he walked out to join his classmates.



Everything was good. Same teachers. Same classmates. What an easy transition to Zhong Ban.

While I was busy unpacking our bags, Sianna started her Chinese lesson.


Selah decided to join in.

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When Schäfer got home, we gave him a special “back to school” present. As you can see, he was a little disappointed he did not get a remote control helicopter or any other new form of transportation.

When we told him it was a board game, he seemed pretty pleased.

2011-09-02@12-24-40 2011-09-02@12-29-06
Sianna also wanted a present. I didn’t have anything wrapped for her so I quickly ran to the office and wrapped this puzzle book. She was less than thrilled. I think she was hoping for a new purse or more hair accessories.

We used the “special plates” at lunch.

Sianna was ready for a nice, long nap.

At 3:30, I got a phone call from He Laoshi. She thinks that Schäfer would be better off coming in the afternoon since all of the afternoon classes are in Chinese. Apparently, the pinyin and English classes are in the morning.

At 4:30, I walked over to the school so that I could take a look at the schedule. All the fun classes: art, music, memorizing characters, writing, etc. are in the afternoon.

It would be great if Schäfer could go, but I don’t know if he’ll want to give up going in the morning because he’s so use to the routine. Neither of us had a solution.

There was no teacher to give Schäfer a Chinese lesson during the English lessons. He could go to another Zhong Ban class during the English class, but that would be repeating the pinyin lesson. He Laoshi nor I knew what to do. We agreed to think about it over the weekend.

In the late afternoon, we found ourselves falling down chutes and climbing up ladders.

Schäfer really enjoyed the game.

Looks like my kids!

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