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Becoming a two Ergo Family

Many families in America have two vehicles. We have finally become a two Ergo family.

Sometimes, two Ergo’s at once.

Since there’s only 19 months between the girls, there are often times when they both need to be carried up and down stairs, in and out of subways, on and off the bus, etc.

Enter All the vendors used the authentic Ergo photos so it was difficult to know exactly what we were ordering.

We took the plunge and managed to find an Ergo that seemed like a pretty good deal. The packaging seemed authentic.

It came with the Ergo dvd which features a rather weird Ergo cloak family.

The zippers looked the same.

The Ergo Clone weighed the same as our original Ergo!

At last we found that the straps seemed to be made of a different, less quality material.  Confirmed: we have an Ergo Clone.

It seemed that we were taken in by a lemon Ergo dealer. Well, thankfully this Ergo Clone is able to serve as our 2nd vehicle. Off we go!

3 comments to Becoming a two Ergo Family

  • jdavis2

    we also bought our second ergo off taobao! didn’t do as stringent of research as you guys to confirm/deny it’s authentic to clone ratio… but it certainly works, whichever way it falls. besides, we can’t compare ours so easily as our new one is the “sport” version which my boys looooove! you might want to check it out if ever you have need for another. 😉

  • Absolutely awesome! Been waiting for the two-on-one ergo pic. Don’t know how in the world you get around China like you do without them.

  • PS Would love a mooncake receipe. Joshua loved the ones he brought home.

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