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Life Before Instagram

Catan at 12:10am Shooting the white buffalo
Catan with friends at 12:10am                       Schäfer hunts the white buffalo

Nowadays, I capture random photos of the city  & life through the Instagram iPhone app.  I post these photos on the Tweets from the East sidebar (my own personal “microblog”) where I sometimes through a coup and post up-to-date information while Sandra is running behind on the main blog :).

I found a few pre-Instagram shots that I wanted to share with you. Get ready for random.

Honey, watch out for that tree in the road! It seems to be pulling out into traffic.

Ten-letter acronym…for all you acronym lovers out there. You know who you are!

This is what happens when you put all your trust in Google translate. You might just end up with something other than what you intended.

Ah, friendship! There’s nothing like taking an afternoon rest in some sunshine.

It seems odd to me to see frozen egg rolls in China. They are traditionally a Vietnamese food.

Even more odd to see this frozen pizza…quite uncommon in China. (By the way, that half-peeled sticker design really grates on me as a first-born.)

Get a free earwax pick and inner ear buffer with every pack of q-tips.

We can now buy Uno in China! Wonder of wonders.

Vitamin Water is taking China by storm – though I’ve never seen anyone drinking it due to its high cost. A much cheaper form of bottled beverage is this “Victory Vitamin” water which ensures not only vitamins, but also victory!

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