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Parent/Teacher Conference


On Friday we kicked off our first parent/teacher conference. All of the parents were invited to come watch the morning exercises before having a meeting with the teachers.

Schäfer did his morning exercises with great vigor. He is definitely the tallest in his class!

Sianna was a little out of sorts. Maybe because we were out of her normal routine or maybe because I put socks on her feet. This kid loaths socks and shoes.

After everyone went to the classrooms, Sianna was perfectly happy to stay with me and push around on this tricycle.

Later on, we joined Hubs for the parent/teacher meeting.

This is Schäfer’s cubby that holds all of his books. They requested a small photo. The only one I had was this old passport photo from when Schäfer was 22 months old. It works.

Teacher He and Teacher Ye gave us the low down on four-year-preschool. In fact, at the exact moment I took this photo they were explaining the homework system.

The teachers highlighted some improvements for each child. Schäfer needs to work on the way he holds a spoon. I agree!

I can’t say we heard anything mind boggling. One parent complained that the new classroom was too far to walk to. Another parent complained that the kids don’t need to learn English.

After the meeting, the kids returned for mooncake snacks!

Then, we spent some time making a paper lantern.

Schäfer loves to cut.

See that itty bitty lantern hanging low at the very end? That’s ours! We’re so proud!

We gave He Laoshi, Ye Laoshi and Li Laoshi a gift package of our “Hope mooncakes”.

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