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Preschool Sports Day

On Saturday (10.22), the 2011 preschool sports day had arrived. All the students and family members of the Olive Class were requested to wear red. We represented.

2011-10-22@08-57-42, ©

The students (and one cheerleader) waited for the events to begin!

After the mandatory speeches by the principal, random father, random student and random teacher, the opening parade and ceremonies began. Schäfer marched in with his class.

The teacher’s wore “preppy royalty” sweat outfits by Juicy.

Before I knew it, the time had come for all the Mom’s of four-year-olds to do The Dance. (see video below for a good laugh)

Hubs was enlisted to help in the tug-of-war contest for Schäfer’s class.

They won the competition. At the end, their team competed against the teachers and 70 other random bystanders who joined in. They did not win, but it sure was fun!

Schäfer won his wheelbarrow contest. Then, he went to play at the playground and eat his special snack which is what he was really looking forward to the entire time.

Sports Day 2011 from on Vimeo.

12 comments to Preschool Sports Day

  • Lynelle

    This video made my day! Sandra, you rock. They will be asking you to dance at EVERY special event from now on!

    Your family is a treasure!

  • Elizabeth Havard

    I truly LOVED thsi!!! miss you guys!

  • Rachel W

    Oh my! The fun never stops, does it?! I got a GOOD laugh out of the mamamen dancing, Sandra you were stellar and I loved your enthusiasm and that one moment of perplexity about 2/3 of the way through your dance. An event like this is so classic China! Glad you guys had a great day and loved seeing you all in action.

  • sherry

    I LOVE that you are totally THAT mom workin’ it for your preschooler! I love your spunk!

  • ShellieR

    I. LOVE. SANDRA!!! {I have soooo been waiting on this video!} You are a rock star! I loved your enthusiasm. It made me laugh that all the other Moms looked so bewildered :); but you just jumped right in there are danced up a storm! All while wearing your awesome, HANDMADE rainbow apron! (Where were those other Moms’ aprons?)

    Way to go, Schafer and Shorel, on winning the wheelbarrow contest!

    I am so thankful I get to know you guys. Thankful you all had a good time.

  • Fabulous dance!! I love how you danced for you boy with abandon, like David danced, I am sure!! 🙂

  • Brigitte

    This was awesome to watch!! Sandra, you were one rockin’ mama out there!! Schafer’s youeryuan looks amazing. So glad you guys had a fun day!!

  • nanamaw

    What fun!!!! Sandra still has it!! Looks like Shorel and Shafer have been practicing! The extreme sport was a little scary with Schafer spinning so fast! Shorel, next year put a little mud in the tug-of-war!! I love you all, Nanamaw

  • Erika

    My fave moment was when you screamed your head off when Schafer walked by. I do that too, and my kids are in high school. You rocked it Sandra! Way to throw your hips into it. I was under the impression that all of the Chinese moms would have danced like you. Schafer, all of your physical training at playgrounds sure paid off in the wheelbarrow race.

  • Time

    You were totally workin’ it! Rock on! 🙂

  • Rockin’ Mama southern style! Joshua laughed out loud and loved the video. He pointed to each of you. I think Hubs was a good choice for the anchor!!! Gold medal performance here!

  • MSalamy

    That dance was hilarious. I can’t believe they expected the moms to do that! It was LONG and COMPLICATED and you had to wear APRONS! I think you showed everyone up with your enthusiasm. BRAVO!

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