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Hello Blue

Life with three has its moments. Just after this photo was taken, Schäfer wanted Hubs to push him in the swing. Sianna wanted to swim and Selah wanted out of the pool to walk in the grass. I definitely had my hands full!

Dolphin Bay has been such a wonderful place for our

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Hello Yum

Good morning sunshine.

Each morning, we eat breakfast by the ocean.

Most days, we have a simple picnic style lunch.

All 3 of my kids can play in the sand for HOURS.

We have been enjoying perfect weather. Hello Blue Sky.

Schäfer has been so happy. He’s become an

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Hello Fun

Our morning priorities are: 1. breakfast 2. swing 3. pool 4. ocean

Life is good.

Hubs pushed Schäfer so high he was near the palm trees.

Meanwhile, Selah just wanted to walk… walk… walk…

This playhouse was so fun for Sianna.

Hubs and Selah in the pool.

Hubs takes

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Hello Sunrise

Hubs spent each morning at the beach with The Word and a beautiful sunrise.

01.13.12 We decided to try a family bike ride today. Unfortunately the kids bike was too small for Schäfer so he had to hop on mine…

we only went a mile or two before turning back.


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Hello Nature

Hello nature. Thailand, I’ve forgotten how tropical you are.

About 7:30am, Schäfer got off his cot (we’re all sharing one room) and opened the door to go to breakfast. I asked where he was going and he said he wanted to eat. We told him he would have to wait because breakfast was not

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Hello Thailand

Hello Thailand. I’ve missed you.

After breakfast, the kids headed straight to the pool. They were happily splashing away until they saw the… SWINGS!

My little, wrinkled Selah was delighted to walk around on the grass.

Hello grass.

This warm weather break has been long overdue.

Selah was so

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