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Tackling the Toys

Due to the size of our apartment, we have to keep The Toy Chaos within reason.

With no garage, no attic, no play room and no individual bedrooms for the kids, we are all forced to minimize the amount of stuff we collect.

Since the kids received new toys for Christmas and birthday gifts, the amount of toys in this apartment seems to have multiplied. It was time to sort through the toys to see what needed to be tossed or passed on to someone else.

Our toy philosophy is that all of the toys belong to everyone so they are stored on these two bottom shelves of a closet:

The space.

Warning, the next photo will contain A LOT of toys.

Please, brace yourself:

Good gravy. After I went through each toy and pulled out what was broken or what was no longer used, I found that we had few items which don’t get touched on a regular basis.

Unlike last year, I didn’t feel that it was time to make Schäfer donate old toys. (Long gone are the days when I could get junky toys out of the house without him knowing.)

Hello toys!

If I’m very strategic, everything fits… barely.

However, we are at the point where if something new comes, then something old will definitely have to go.

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