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Camp Papa Begins!

One Monday, I woke early to throw a few last minute-items in a carry-on and escort Sandra and Selah to a taxi. They were headed back to the land of warmth to learn how to teach the kids mo’ better. (Sandra was invited to a homeschooling gathering.)

Sure, one might say I wish I was

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Yuan Yuan’s birthday party

This afternoon Yuan Yuan came by our window screaming “An Tian Ju!” When we looked out we were delighted to see her. She was literally calling to invite Schäfer to her birthday party beginning in a couple of hours. She did not have time to stay. She had to go invite her other friends.

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The Talk Around Here

Mommy: What do you want for your birthday? Sianna: Pink. Mommy: What toy do you want for your birthday? Sianna: Pink.

At random points today, Selah let out a very high pitched SCREAMMMMMMM. She found her voice.

Conversations with Schäfer:

Why are you in time out? I don’t remember. hmmm… (I couldn’t remember either.) I’m

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A week ago we were invited to attend a birthday party at our friend’s place down yonder. We planned to take the speed train to the city, but as is often the case in China, things change.

In this instance, the speed train schedule changed and our last minute dash to catch the train fell

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Valentine’s Day 2012

Our Valentine’s celebrations have tended to vary as the size of our household has grown. However, a tradition that we started in 2010 is the making of the Valentine’s Spitzbuben.

The Spitzbuben is a Germanic cookie that Sandra first encountered during her semester abroad in Austria during college. (She knows them as “Linzer” cookies.)


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A Saturday Morning Meeting

On Saturday morning, Schäfer and I headed over to the kindergarten for a meeting.

At first, the meeting was kind of interesting. All of the Saturday school classes hosted a demonstration. Schäfer will not be taking additional classes on Saturday, but it was neat to see what types of classes were available: Taekwondo,

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