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November Wrap-Up :: Merry Memories

11.26.12 Sometimes I forget how different our life is until moments like this… the joy of seeing real, authentic Candy canes in 3 flavors: mint, spearmint, and sweet, colored candy in the small store just around from our apartment.

What a pleasure it was telling the kids to pick out whatever they wanted (maximum

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on this last night of November

I wish November had 31 days.

I feel like I could use just one more day before December 1st.

I’ve been so tired this afternoon that I forgot tonight was Friday night. I accidentally made chicken with carrots and peas. The kids were obviously upset that it was Friday night and there was no pizza.

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snapfish or should i say, “kachayu!”

After years of being frustrated with the quality of my printed photos from various local Kodak, Fuji and other print shops, I can finally say that I’ve found what works. Kachayu is’s China affiliate. They print awesome photos in addition to have photo books, mugs, calendars, etc.

Ordering from Kachayu was even easier

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Cream of Mushroom Soup

On the day before Thanksgiving, I make a double batch of Cream of Mushroom Soup. We devour some for lunch with a hot loaf of Amish White Bread. Amidst all the other pre-Thanksgiving Day cooking, an easy lunch is a good thing.

The entire reason I make cream of mushroom soup is for the

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The Food Unschedule

I’ve never been a meal planner.

I wish I could plan a month’s worth of meals and stick to it. Unfortunately, this is just not me. I love the thrill of going to the market and finding what’s suddenly in season. I like to decide what I’m going to eat just before I cook it.

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Her Favorite Things 2012

You may know about the goodness that is a 3M Command Large Picture-Hanging Strips. (Or you may not care because your walls are made of wood so you can drive a nail through them.) My walls are made of concrete. If I were to drive a nail through them, then chunks of wall would

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