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Her Favorite Things 2012

You may know about the goodness that is a 3M Command Large Picture-Hanging Strips. (Or you may not care because your walls are made of wood so you can drive a nail through them.) My walls are made of concrete. If I were to drive a nail through them, then chunks of wall would fall on the floor. Good times. Anyway, these command strips allow you to easily hang large, heavy frames on concrete walls without having to drill anything into the concrete. I’ve used them for years and highly recommend them!

Because 100 cookie cutters are just not enough. Having Wilton 101-Piece Cookie Cutter Set just feels right. They have every shape you could ever need and then some.

I love my Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens. I’m obsessed. I’d even say addicted.

If there’s something I use everyday, it’s my Ergo Baby Carrier. We go on and off buses, up and down stairs, to the open market and back.

I never wore a watch before I had kids. Seriously. Then, after I had a newborn I realized that I needed to know… what day it was. Hello Timex Ironman.

My favorite pen is a BIC ReAction Retractable Gel Pen, Medium Point , 0.7 mm, Black. Thank you very much.

I love my Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving… not that I’ve actually canned anything yet – just that I like to read it.

How can I have a list of favorite things without an iBert? This bike seat is a little pricey so I recommend getting it for baby #1. By the time you get to baby #4, it makes the price seem very reasonable. (Except that baby #2 and #3  still prefer to ride in the iBert.)

There’s nothing better than crossing off a list with a Sharpie. Various colors are a must.

1 comment to Her Favorite Things 2012

  • Beth

    LOVE the list! 🙂 It’s inspiring me to look at my Amazon wishlist (for ease of family gift-giving) and also update the girls’ list (my family lives far away and like to know what the kids are into these days).

    Would you be able to make a list of Kids Favorite Books? Especially your favorite Christmas holiday books. We seriously need to update our library! I’m always looking to others’ libraries for tried-and-true inspiration. 🙂

    So glad you’re bag to posting on the blog!!!

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