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snapfish or should i say, “kachayu!”

After years of being frustrated with the quality of my printed photos from various local Kodak, Fuji and other print shops, I can finally say that I’ve found what works.
Kachayu is’s China affiliate. They print awesome photos in addition to have photo books, mugs, calendars, etc.

Ordering from Kachayu was even easier than taobao.

The photos arrive COD! No online banking necessary. Just pay the postman and voilà! Quality prints in your hand.

No dragging three kids on the bus to get to the photo shop.
No asking when was the last time they changed the chemicals in their machine.
No requesting reprints on photos where we appear a glowing shade of white.

I threw these prints on the tile and took a quick photo near the window. The photo appears a little saturated, but trust me the prints were perfectly balanced.

I don’t know about you, but in a Chinese print shop they always brighten all my photos making us look ghost white. On my friend’s photos, they always turn her kids naturally blue eyes… brown. Good times.

I ordered 200 wedding photos for a friend in the quiet of my own living room after the kids went to bed.

Matte finish?
Yes please! Thank you very much.

I also printed a bunch of free printables. You know, those things I like on pinterest, but never remember to take to the photo shop.

I’ve learned that 5×7’s and 4×6’s come in an envelope, but if you order anything large like an 11×20 it will come in a tube. I had to lay my print out for quite a while before it was flat.

One final thought: the website is in Chinese, but once you poke around a bit it is easy to figure out.

Happy printing!

6 comments to snapfish or should i say, “kachayu!”

  • Snapfish is by far my favorite online photo printing site. I have tried lots of different ones when there are free offers, but I always return to Snapfish. I have never been disappointed with their printing or their service. The books are always GREAT quality and they have great specials for things throughout the year!! So glad you are able to use them over there. We even paid the extra money to ship pics to Albania when we lived there because it was so worth it to us. Loving seeing your posts again!! Praying for a blessed and energy filled December!!!

  • Erica

    THANKS for sharing!!!!!!! Happy DAY!

  • Shellie

    WHAT?!?!?! You just totally rocked my world.

  • Lynn

    Since I live in a world where I am constantly trying to communicate with multiple languages I dont know….I have learned that google translate does a fair job with chinese. Drop in any website address in the box and voila! The links work so you can shop that way.

    It works like a dream to make a side by side version of shakespeare plays btw. I know that is a use many of your readers will be itching to try. 🙂

    • I’ve found google translate to be excellent for one word translations. However, when you put in English sentences the Chinese translation has a high amount of errors. That said, if you know Chinese, it can me a time saver because you can type everything in English then go through and correct the grammar errors.

  • jdavis2

    EX-CIT-ING!!! thank you for the awesome CHRISTmas gift… i mean, tip!!!
    You two rock!

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