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The Food Unschedule

I’ve never been a meal planner.

I wish I could plan a month’s worth of meals and stick to it. Unfortunately, this is just not me. I love the thrill of going to the market and finding what’s suddenly in season. I like to decide what I’m going to eat just before I cook it.

Of course, the downside to this is that sometimes I get caught up with laundry and dishes so I don’t always make it to the market in time to serve lunch at noon.

Recently, I have fallen into a rhythm with food. Since I’m responsible for three squares a day all from scratch, I’ve found this odd rotation helpful:


lunch: baked potato with toppings (or yams if they are in season)

supper: cook something


lunch: Ayi cooks Chinese

supper: I cook a big supper.


lunch: eat Chinese leftovers

supper: eat “big supper” leftovers

Since we have leftovers on Wednesday the kitchen is relatively clean. Thus making Wednesday night our Family Game Night. One parent plays games with Schäfer and Sianna while the other parent gives Selah a big bubble bath.


lunch: cook something

supper: cook something

(Lately, it’s been soup weather.)


lunch: cook something

supper: homemade pizza

I made up a big batch of marinara sauce and scooped it out into 2 pizza portions. Then, it stuck it in the freezer. So on Friday afternoon all I have to do is make dough for crust, heat the marinara sauce, and add toppings. Easy.


The weekends have a slower pace. For Saturday lunch, we usually have pizza leftovers. Then, Hubs and I cook something together for supper.

On Sunday, I like to have something in the crock pot before we leave the house, but that does not always happen. Ahem.

For the record: Hubs loves food schedules. He finds my rhythm with food chaotic at best. If we had a deep freeze, Hubs would like for us to have “cook once a month” days where we would make everything and then freeze until time to eat.

Well, tomorrow is Thursday so I’m back at the burners. I’m thinking celery soup.


2 comments to The Food Unschedule

  • This is helpful, to see how someone else does it. I’ve never been able to stick to a 21-meals-a-week menu plan, much less the once-a-month plan. Your plan blends flexibility with just enough of a plan for your current season in life. Looks like a plan to me!

  • Our “schedule” is pretty much popcorn…popcorn…popcorn…Community Group night so cereal when we get home…popcorn…maybe a Purple Cow somewhere in the mix…The kids eat PBJ or grilled cheese or soup. I guess I won’t be approached about writing my own cookbook any time soon. I used to like to cook, I wonder what happened? I wish we could all eat one big breakfast and stay full until the next day.

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