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Trimming the Tree 2012

Selah is clearly ready to trim the tree. She is dawning two princess dresses and Dora slippers.

Yesterday, we gave our tree a shower. It dried overnight so we were ready to start decorating it today. Hubs taught the kids how to straighten out each branch.

Meanwhile, Selah ran around the house with a reindeer.

Hubs loves a tree that is taller than himself.

It seems that Hubs helpful little Elves are all done straightening the branches.

We do our best to limit our Christmas to one storage box. It’s such a difficult thing to do because I do love all things festive. The kids excitment can hardly be contained when I tell them it’s time to open the Christmas box.

They love looking at each ornament.

It’s practically a Montessori inspired sensory bin.

Selah sat there for over an hour just touching everything.

Here is Selah playing with our elk and bear ornaments.

After lunch, Schäfer and I squeezed in a homeschool day. Our Singapore Math workbook had an origami application in the lesson. Since I was giving 99% of my brain cells to the baby, I asked Hubs if he could make paper airplanes with Schäfer. I’m sure it’s not exactly what Singapore Math had in mind, but Schäfer didn’t complain.

After naps and snack time, the tree was ready for ornaments.

I hung the breakable ornaments up high then let the kids hang the rest wherever.

It was a joy to watch them.

My little girl sure does look grown up this year.

Schäfer did a great job helping me place some of the ornaments on the upper branches.

By 7:30pm, it was time to place our traditional red paper star on the top.

Every year, it’s the same red paper star that I made back in 2005.

Every year, it’s the same son who is lifted to place the star on top.  I don’t know how much longer Hubs will be able to lift Schäfer who is growing so tall so quickly.

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