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Interview with Schäfer at age 6

What can we say about Schäfer? He’s pure sunshine. He wakes happy and ready to go each morning. He dresses himself, makes his bed and goes downstairs to set the table for breakfast.

Schäfer will eat anything and a lot of it!

Schäfer is a great sleeper. He no longer needs a nap.

He loves

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Gingerbread Cake

For Selah’s 2nd birthday, we decided to make a gingerbread cake and homemade eggnog ice cream.

The recipe makes an 8×8 which was enough for a little snowman.

And those leftover corners…

were munched on by the birthday girl herself.

After some simple decorating, we were ready to party.

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Dark Chocolate Bacon Bark

One of the more unusual combinations I’ve seen in recent years that seems to work out great is Bacon Bark.

Now, dark chocolate bacon bark brings a twinkle to any mountain man’s eye.

Hello bacon. Hello dark chocolate. Hello almond crunch.

Even Selah was ready to help break up the Bacon

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Pecan Pie

For the past 7 years, our staple Thanksgiving dessert has always been pumpkin pie. Yes, there was that taste-off in 2006 when we made a pumpkin pie and a sweet potato pie.

Well, the pumpkin pie won and it has been the dessert of choice ever since.

During Thanksgiving 2011, a mysterious combination of events

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2012 December Daily :: 23 :: Holiday Baking

Schäfer and Sianna were up playing in the living room while Hubs and I slept in until 8am.

It was a glorious morning.

When I came downstairs, I found Hubs and Sianna making carrot/orange juice.

Hubs put Schäfer in charge of waffles.

Schäfer needed some small assistance when it was time to

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2012 December Daily :: 22 :: the kids party

It was a slow Saturday for us.

The kids and I were off to a late start. Hubs went to work.

Schäfer worked on a dinosaur puzzle.

Sianna worked on a circus puzzle.

Schäfer and Sianna colored while I washed dishes.

One of my favorite moments of the day.

The plan

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