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baby #4 @ 30 weeks


I am officially 30 weeks pregnant. Most people in the neighborhood think I’m just fat. Come spring, have I got a surprise for them!

Normally, on these cold January days, I’m covered up by Hubs big, blue polartec so I do look unusually puffy. But still, I think there’s definitely a pretty

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Strawberry Pie

Believe it or not, but December beings strawberry season in southwest China. Apparently, they will stay around through March.

Who are we to be so blessed?

All the kids love to have a big bowl of strawberries for snack time.

Early in the morning, Hubs would venture to the market and buy

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January Wrap – Up


8:06am Hubs recently ordered a hammock for all his camping excursions. On this evening, Hubs actually slept in his hammock downstairs just to make sure it would work for his outings. It provided much fun for all the kids when they woke up.

01.26 On Saturday morning, we found ourselves with an

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Black Dragon Hike

Sometime at the end of January I got it into my mind to go on an overnight hike. A friend of mine and I chose to hike the Black Dragon Pool trail. The beginning of the trail, leading up to a Dali marble quarry, is well worn by pack mules.

The views from the

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Thank you G Family!

Thank you G famiy for the unexpected hand-me-downs! This sweater came just in time for Selah’s spring wardrobe. I think grey is one of Selah’s best colors and the jacket has some sparkle in it too (can’t tell by the photo).

All of the dresses you passed on were so beautiful!

Sianna or

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Spiced Doughnut Muffins

On a Friday afternoon with nothing to rush off to, I decided to make spiced doughnut muffins for the girls afternoon snack.

Selah patiently waited for the muffins to rise.

Love her.

Munch. Munch.

INGREDIENTS 1/4 cup butter, at room temperature 1/4 cup oil 1/2 cup sugar 1/3 cup brown sugar 2

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