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Between Good Friday and Easter

I woke up this morning feeling sick.

By 9am, I was horizontal on Sianna’s bed watching the kids play with Lego.

By 10am, I was horizontal on my own bed.

By 11am, I was horizontal on the couch.

I was miserable and SO sick.

Hubs came home from work at 12:10 and said he wasn’t

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Good Friday Goodness 2013

I tried to make spiced doughnut muffins for breakfast, but the oven wasn’t turned on properly.

So Hubs whipped up some oatmeal and the kids barely made it to Chinese school on time.

Then, Selah, Shorel and I went to Walmart, the export store, the open market and the art store. Normally, I could manage

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Well Hello March

We are home and getting into a routine again. Schäfer has loved being home with his toys. It seemed that he really missed the bathtub while we were away. My swelling is completely gone. My ankles were horrible in Thailand, but they are just fine in Dali. Less humidity, I guess.

Sianna has had some

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