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Between Good Friday and Easter

I woke up this morning feeling sick.

By 9am, I was horizontal on Sianna’s bed watching the kids play with Lego.

By 10am, I was horizontal on my own bed.

By 11am, I was horizontal on the couch.

I was miserable and SO sick.

Hubs came home from work at 12:10 and said he wasn’t feeling well.

Oh no. We were both sick. Same sickness. Neither of us could figure out what we ate.

At 12:15pm I made my way upstairs and went to rest as best I could.

At 3:30 Hubs volunteered to take the kids to the park. But he was too sick! Somehow he managed to take them out. While they were gone, I tried to clean the house. Oh my. It was a wreck.

When Hubs came home from the park, he crashed on the couch. I started bathing the kids. After I got all three kids through baths, hairwash, hair dry, pajamas, etc. I went back to bed.

It it now 9:30pm and I am feeling a little better.

This brain fog reminds me of being pregnant during Christmas time. There’s so much to do and so little energy to get it done!

Somehow, for this pregnancy Easter is especially hectic. Even Schäfer commented that we weren’t having enough Easter parties. There’s no way I could manage hosting Easter parties + life at 38 weeks pregnant.

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