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Good Friday Goodness 2013

I tried to make spiced doughnut muffins for breakfast, but the oven wasn’t turned on properly.

So Hubs whipped up some oatmeal and the kids barely made it to Chinese school on time.

Then, Selah, Shorel and I went to Walmart, the export store, the open market and the art store. Normally, I could manage all of this by pushing Selah in the stroller, but not at 38 weeks pregnant.

At Walmart we found a couple of Easter treats. At the export store we had to buy cheese for pizza tonight. At the open market I was looking for okra, but apparently it is only sold in old town. At the art store, I needed to pick up white paint for Schäfer’s latest canvas. It was tremendously helpful to have Hubs entertain Selah so I could take care of all of these errands in one morning.

For lunch, we had chicken sandwiches with honey-mustard and potatoes on the side. My kids love some ketchup!

Normally, on Friday afternoons Schäfer is at Learning Center, but today he was off for Good Friday. Unfortunately, I felt MISERABLE and had to take a nap. I am hardly sleeping for any length of time at night. I know I am disappointing Schäfer because as soon as the girls go to sleep he asks, “Mommy can we read books? Can we do puzzles? Can we paint?” Hummm… I think I’d better rest the baby.

Once everyone was up from naps and Hubs returned from getting his work done, we read the Easter story and dyed Easter eggs.

Selah liked dying her first egg pink.

Then, she dyed her second egg purple.

Then, she ate her third egg.

And drank the dye on her 4th egg.

All done!

I am so slow and having so many brain functioning issues that it took forever for me to make the pizzas tonight. The kids ate late and then went to bed. I am certainly looking forward to a slow Saturday morning.

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