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Well Hello March

We are home and getting into a routine again. Schäfer has loved being home with his toys. It seemed that he really missed the bathtub while we were away. My swelling is completely gone. My ankles were horrible in Thailand, but they are just fine in Dali. Less humidity, I guess.

Sianna has had some challenges since we’ve been back. Selah has been into everything. (as usual) It’s a crazy 68 degrees so the girls are running around in leotards again.

Selah pointed to Er Hai Lake and said, “Monkey Island!” (mmooonnnkkkeeeey islannnn)

Anyway, last week, we came back from the homeschool conference ready to find help. I’m getting pretty big and bending over is a challenge. Not to mention, the reality of Selah’s Age of Discovery + breastfeeding has set in.

When Selah was a baby, Sianna calmly sat beside me while I nursed. Sianna is ever the princess always ready to sit and give commands. 🙂 Anyway, it dawned on me that Selah is absolutely not going to sit. In fact, I can’t contain her to the downstairs because she now climbs over the baby gate. Good times.

So, we started by calling a cleaning service. We told them we wanted someone M-F, etc. The laoban said he would come over the next day to measure our apartment. (Cleaning services usually base their prices off the size of the apartment.) He never came. He never answered our calls.

Eventually, he did answer our call. He said he would send a lady over who was interested in the job. Great! She was to come at 3pm. Well, at 7pm she showed up. She walked in and said she could only come and clean one day a week. I apologized and said I was looking for someone 5 days a week. She looked over my daily docket and said that she wouldn’t wash windows, or cook, or do laundry, but she would come and clean our apartment in 4 hours for 70rmb. Huh? That’s like 17rmb/hour. So we felt like perhaps that wasn’t the best solution for our present situation.

Then, we called a friend who had a relative who was unemployed. We told her what we were looking for. She called back after a while and said her relative would come work for 2 weeks if I would teach her western cooking. Huh? We also felt like perhaps that wasn’t the best solution for our present situation. If I had enough energy to teach western cooking, then I would be just fine to cook for the 5 of us.

So, that is where we are. Hubs is out today viewing the earthquake damage with an NGO. Then he has water stuff so I’m holding down the fort here. The kids have started their new Chinese kindergarten. So far so good. It usually takes a few months to work the kinks out. Never before have I dropped my kids off at school and said, “Don’t touch the monkeys, dogs, or peacocks!”

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