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Day 3 with Senna

This morning Hubs, Abigail, Selah and Schafer went to attain the birth certificate. As suggested on day 1 by the local women’s and children’s hospital, they went to our local district “Family Planning” office.

Family Planning office said, “No, we can’t give you a birth certificate here. You need to get that at the hospital.”

So, they went back to the hospital. The friendly nurses there started doing some calling around and then informed them that they needed to go to the city Health Department.

There they chatted the the department heads, who spent the next ten minutes pouring through the Health Department regulations. Finally, they pointed to a page dealing with “births outside the hospital.”

Health department said, “Fill out this form, take your police registration, work registration and signed statement to the city Women’s and Children’s Hospital.”

On Monday, Hubs will take the paperwork and hope for the best…

This afternoon, the girls rested. Schäfer drew.

Hubs went to dreamland.

I nursed Senna.

And nursed.

And nursed.

Oh I forgot how consuming the nursing is.

The girls adore Senna.

But they are sad to have less of me.


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