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Monday 04.08

Today was good, but tiring.

Senna is three days old.

The kids are back to their normal routine. Schäfer and Sianna are back in Chinese school. Selah went on a playdate.

That left me at home with Senna to nurse, nurse, nurse. I seriously forgot how much work is involved in the early days of nursing. Soon, (oh! please let it be soon!) the milk will slow, she will latch like a pro and take what she needs without much effort.

But the getting up every 2 hours to feed her has made me a zombie.

Childbirth is so much easier than launching breastfeeding.

This morning, I basically fed Senna and watched documentaries on youtube. Hubs encouraged me to read a book, but I’m so tired I can’t seem to get the words to make much sense.

This afternoon, Schäfer had Learning Center and Sianna stayed home with me. I think it was good for Sianna and I to have some time together. I have certainly missed her since I’ve been so busy with Senna the past few days.

Hubs is on day 3 of running around for the birth certificate.

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