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Senna’s second day of life

David took all the kids to jump zone.

While senna napped, I tackled the house.

Germaine was in town and stopped by.

Sianna and Selah went down for naps.

Senna sort of joined them.

Shorel took Schäfer to a soccer game. Dali vs. Xiamen. Dali won.

Jenni came at 3pm to play with girls.

Abigail came over to see me & baby.

Selah describes Senna as “no hair bow”.

All the kids had baths. It was movie night.

Stan brought supper.

Jenni washed a mound of dishes.

I nursed.

Once the house was settled and all were in bed – including ourselves – Schäfer threw up in his bed.

Apparently, Hubs let Schäfer eat an entire roll of chocolate Oreo’s while they watched the soccer game. Schäfer’ isn’t accustomed to eating processed foods.

Mt. laundry has never been so tall.


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