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Tomb Sweeping Day 2013

After breakfast, Hubs announced that he was taking the kids to a new bakery. Of course, he loved spending a morning with the kids, but I knew he was taking them out so I could get some organizational work done in our bedroom.

Unfortunately, our bedroom has become the catch-all in this little 90 square foot apartment.

Today, I said, “Enough.”

There were kids clothes to sort: too small, too big, wrong season, stained, torn, etc.

Schäfer recently grew 2 inches – at least – so he’s been in need of new pants and shirts. All of his “future clothes” are stored under our bed.

Additionally, all of our midwife’s bag-o-stuff is in our bedroom. Plus, frames waiting to be hung. And a trunk of old language books + dictionaries that need to find a new home.

Today, I said, “Enough.”

For lunch, we had strawberry/banana smoothies. I haven’t felt like eating much.

The girls went down for naps. Schäfer and I completed another day of homeschool. He was so tired, but refused to sleep. Suddenly, after homeschool, Schäfer had enough energy to play with his submarine Lego.

This evening, we just all enjoyed being together – or maybe that was just me. The kids brought their lovies and snuggled with us on the couch. It’s rare that we are all home for an entire day together.

Normally, on Saturday’s Hubs has to work. Then, Sundays always feel super busy just trying to get out the door on time.

Today there was no rush. No place to be. No commitment to fulfill.

We had honey glazed chicken over brown rice and asparagus for supper. Then, Hubs suggested we go ahead and make a chocolate cake mix that was given to us at a baby shower.

Selah hardly ate anything at supper. We were not surprised when she woke at 10pm with a fever.

I got her out of bed, changed her pajamas and got her some medicine. Then, Hubs carried her back to bed since my belly can’t bend over the crib. My sweet, baby girl is getting so big. She’s so fiesty and so two. I remember when she was so very tiny.

All of this feels like the end of SK5.
A final day of just us.
Being together in that comfortable family way.

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