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2013 Twas the Night Before Turkey

Yesterday, while I homeschooled, Hubs hunted and gathered our Thanksgiving supplies. After a trip to Costco and Winco we were all set.

When Hubs returned home, the most amazing thing happened: all of the food fit in the refrigerator!

Today, was rather normal. We completed school this morning. Then we went hiking with a local family.

When my friend Rebecca suggested we climb Mt. Rubidoux, I was all in. Why not? I can just strap my infant in the Ergo and encourage the toddlers to keep moving.

Once home from that adventure, we started cooking around 6pm. By 8pm we realized that Thanksgiving was going to be EASY PEASY.

First of all, the invention of the Food Processor is amazing. Who knew? I’ve never had a food processor before. There is one in the guesthouse. It has saved me so much time.

Then, I realized that our guest house has so much counter space! I had two separate work stations for different dishes!

Next, our neighbors offered us their oven to cook our turkey. (They will be traveling.) Using their oven, frees up our oven for all the casseroles and pies.

Finally, the kids went to sleep around 7:20pm out of sheer mountain climbing exhaustion. We were free to cook in a quiet, uninterrupted kitchen.

By 8pm Hubs declared that he was done. He invited me to sit down to watch a Dave Ramsey DVD. Fun!

Sure, there’s a lot to do tomorrow, but with a food processor, counter space, 2 ovens and kids glued to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, I’d say we’ve go it under control.

2 comments to 2013 Twas the Night Before Turkey

  • Carrie

    Yay! I have to admit though that my favorite part of the post was where you called your neighbors a “local family.” Ha! Glad you guys are getting some good ‘ol American treats this Thanksgiving! Missing you on this side of the pond.

  • jdavis2

    oh wonderful!
    so glad you’re enjoying your American Thanksgiving with all the amenities!
    (((HUGS))) & <3

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