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A Word from the Varsity

Last Thursday, Schäfer asked if he could quit first grade.

Oh my.

Then on Friday, I quit.

After a good cry and 20 minutes of silence, I returned and apologized.

Homeschooling isn’t at all like I thought it would be. There are some really great moments, but there’s also The Daily Grind. Yes, math is getting harder. Yes, phonics is tough. No, not every book is available as an audio book.

Apparently, the zeal I had when I purchased the curriculum fades considerably when I actually have to teach it.

Today, I received this little gem in my inbox from Varsity Mom Donna comparing herself to Varsity Mom Jeanne.

Donna – unorganized in homeschooling
Jeanne – very organized in homeschooling

Donna – ‘fly by your pants’ schedule each day
Jeanne – knows each day what/who will be doing what

Jeanne – has a student National Merit Scholar
Donna – has a student National Merit Scholar

—just so you know you can do it either way!
Love, D

I laughed out loud… then went right back to homeschooling.

5 comments to A Word from the Varsity

  • Mary goss

    Hang in there. Every homeschool mom has days where we wonder if we are doing enough, too much, going the wrong way, messing up our kids FOREVER, or just failing at everything we do. Rest in the fact that you are doing what is best for your child and that tomorrow it will be better.

  • I’ve been homeschooling for 17 years, graduated two kids so far and still have days where I feel like quitting. lol

    Remember, it’s not really about the curriculum. It’s about the relationship, character, and the TIME that you are spending with your kids. If you get those right, the academics will happen. Get to that heart. 🙂


  • Sarah A

    I am right there with you! Nathan said today, ” I don’t like school!” 🙂 everybody has these days! There will be holes… We all have them but that is where Father and His grace come in. Homeschools days r so up and then down. This is quite the journey we r all on! I know you r doing a great job!

  • jdavis2

    thank you for your honesty.
    soon enough you’ll be the varsity… sharing wisdom & grace with the rest of us… thoughts of quitting a distant memory 😉

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