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Black Friday 2013

My day began with nursing Senna.

At 6:50am, Selah crawled into bed, smiled at Senna and said, “You are my best friend.”

It was a very sweet moment.

After breakfast, Hubs started the Christmas music.

Screen shot 2009-12-11 at 4.06.22 PM
We all spent some time dancing around the living room. Hubs imitated the Peanuts’ dancing moves. Love him.

Since we have some extended traveling in January, this morning we accomplished “Small Homeschool” for a couple of hours. Small homeschool is basically 1 page of math (back and front), 1 spread of handwriting (2 pages), 2 chapters of “On the Banks of Plum Creek”, one grammar lesson, one new phonics lesson with 4 stories to review. We accomplished this is less than 2 hours which left Schäfer with about 6 hours of unlimited Lego freedom.

After homeschool, I started organizing the kids art notebooks. I’ve gotten way behind on filing masterpieces.

The good thing about letting the works stack up is that I tend to feel less attached to every single thing they draw. If it’s special, then that will hold the test of time.

Selah doesn’t need another page full of stickers. We already have a couple of those in her portfolio. Nor does Sianna need 17 more watercolor paintings. Four from that particular painting session is plenty.

It’s probably not the best system ever, but at least it keeps their work organized in a way that they can look at it again or show it to others.

Meanwhile, it seems that Black Friday in America has changed. Last time we were here during Thanksgiving, stores opened at 4am so that shoppers could leap over each other in order to save $5.

Now, it seems that Black Friday is encroaching on Thanksgiving. Stores are opening at 5pm on Thanksgiving day so that shoppers can find the best deals on those must-have items.

Today, we avoided the stores.

If we were in China, we would have spent all day decorating our Christmas tree. Instead, this evening, we attended the Mission Inn Festival of Lights extravaganza complete with a live band, fireworks and thousands of lights. It did not disappoint!

Then, it was time to get the kids home because the meltdowns were coming. After another round of turkey leftovers, baths, prayers, a sip of water, some calming music, and Selah being tucked into her “badger cave” all littles drifted to dreamland.

Kristen came over and she introduced my Mom to Settlers of Catan while I nursed.

Playing a ’round of Catan with Kristen took me back about a decade. A little Catan sets me up just right.

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