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Giving Thanks :: 3 :: Nanamaw

For almost a year we knew we were coming to America in August 2013. Once we figured out where we would set up home, the plan was that Nanamaw would move in and stay with us until we left for China again.


Because I need her.

I’m in a busy season nursing a baby while homeschooling the six-year-old, engaging the four-year-old in preschool activities, and finding the two-year-old taking something apart.

One of the most difficult aspects to living overseas is being so far from family. I want my kids to know their grandparents just as deeply as I knew mine. My kids rarely experience a Grandma’s love – that tenderness of voice and gentleness of touch.

Nanamaw was suppose to fly out in September. However, just a few days before her flight, a medical issue arose and my Mom was forbidden to fly.

By October, the medical situation remained so we all agreed the best solution was to purchase a train ticket. Thankfully, there was a train direct from Little Rock to LA. It took 48 hours, but Nanamaw came. Finally!

In honor of her first two weeks with us, I thought I would interview my Mom to get her perspective on Our Crazy Life.

What was the most surprising part of train travel?

The ease that you could fall asleep. Nobody bothered you while you were sleeping. When you walked around the car, you were very careful not to wake people up. The dining car was good. You had to fill up a table of 4 before they opened another table so you met a lot of people.

What are your first impressions of the kids?
How beautiful they are!

S1 is smart as a whip, gregarious, a head full of ideas… he amazes me with his intelligence. He’s an All-American boy. He’s raised like my brothers were.

S2 is a beautiful pink princess. She cares and worries about everybody. She’s very loving.

S3 is a whirlwind. She’s a tornado. I’m always sitting back waiting to see what she is going to do because she’s Sandra made over. God’s not through with this child yet. She’ll eventually settle down. It took Sandra 10 years to settle down.

S4 is a sweet baby. She’s an angel on earth.

As a retired public school teacher, what is surprising about home school?
The amount of one-on-one time you give your son. I couldn’t do that in the classroom.

What is something interesting about our family life?

The way you cook… the way you buy groceries… because you don’t have to do it that way here, but you do. (She’s referring to cooking from scratch vs. buying canned or pre-packaged food.)

Every morning starts out so slow. There’s no hurry to get ready to go to work or school. You know what your routine is. Every morning is the same.

What is something interesting about California?

The weather is knocking me out. It’s so dry. (Her sinus are loving it.)

What is it like watch your daughter being a Mom?

Amazing. You have everything down to such a routine. But when you say “free play” – they go.

The time is flying by, but I feel like this is what I came for. I have a chance to be with the kids and help you out.

I am so thankful for my Mom! I can’t tell you how many times  I’ve been nursing the baby when another child needs help and I simply can’t get up to help them, but my Mom can!

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