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Giving Thanks :: 4 :: 50 free books

On Monday evening, we loaded in the mini-van to go to a place which always ensures my children a magical, only-in-America experience.

We went to the Public Library and borrowed 50 books… for free.

I know!

One library card yields 25 books. Technically, our family could have 3 library cards, but Hubs says that 2 are enough. His minimalist desires keep us from taking 75 books home.

Oh the joy of books!

Sometimes it’s difficult to bring the books back. Tears have been involved.

Me: We’ve had the books for 2 weeks. Then we extended for another 2 weeks. The library will not extend them again. We must take them back!

Littles: But it’s such a good book!

This evening, the entire reason we were going to the library is because my son requested some Ninjago books.

After we got a notice in the mail, he could wait not a day longer to read about those Lego Ninjas mastering their spinjitzu.

Plus I think Nanamaw might combust if she was asked to read “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” or “Fancy Nancy” one more time. We were all in desperate need of fresh literature.

As great as the library is, I thought we would go every week while we are in America, but we’ve only gone about once every 3 weeks. Funny how homeschooling is suppose to be flexible, but in reality we do actually have to, you know, complete 1st grade.

I’m giving thanks for 50 free books and 3 kids who beg me to take them to the library.

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