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Giving Thanks :: 6 :: Financial Peace

One of the items on my USA bucket list was to understand our finances.

Me: Can I see our checkbook?
Hubs: We don’t have a checkbook.
Me: How can we not have a checkbook?
Hubs: We don’t need a checkbook.
Me: I want to send a check!
Hubs: Then we will ask the bank to send it.
Me: ???

Imagine my delight when a local club offered Dave Ramsey’s 9 week course called Financial Peace. We went to week one’s session unsure if this was the right class for us. After all, we don’t have any debt nor do we own any property.

After attending the first week of class, we were sold. Hubs and I looked forward to Wednesday evenings. We would drop the children off for Kids Club then we would attend Financial Peace. It was like a mini-date with 10 other couples + Dave Ramsey.

Last Wednesday was our final class. We’ve grown so much! I can say that I understand our finances so much better, but I’m still on a steep learning curve as to how to manage our on-line banking.

Hubs view:
I entered this class with the expectation that we might gain a few skills to help guide college students into becoming debt free. I never expected this would help our family.

I was so wrong.

Every week of this class gave us incredible insights when mentoring others, but also in streamlining every aspect of our own financial life.

The main goal of the course is to free up families financially, not only to be completely debt-free as quickly as possible, but also so that their savings, retirement, insurances, investments, etc. are well planned out. The end result is that there comes a tremendous freedom to live life with no obstacles in serving God and blessing others financially.

Listen folks, we’re talking the financial freedom that lets you bless abundantly. To give a $100 tip to a truck-stop waitress who has had a bad day. To start your own family foundation to give scholarships. To live anywhere your children are to help them when they have the first grandchildren. You get the picture.

It’s not about growing rich. (If you think it’s about getting rich for yourself…make sure I’m nowhere near you when the hammer comes down!) It’s about growing our capacity to bless others.

For the first time in 11 years of marriage, we have a plan for blessing others even more every year. That’s freedom!

If you have even the slightest doubt in the back of your mind about finances, mortgages, whether your investments/retirement savings are right, which insurances (auto, life, health…) to get, how to save for the kid’s education, etc. then I recommend you take Financial Peace.

4 comments to Giving Thanks :: 6 :: Financial Peace

  • lea ann

    I agree 100%. The class changed my perspective from how to get by to how to get rid of debt, put money in savings, and be free to bless others. I really recommend the class.

  • jdavis2

    Recently I read the book “The Treasure Principle” … sounds right in line with what God is teaching you & how He is directing & blessing your family. Might want to pick up a copy. 😉

  • We love Dave Ramsey! We took the class a few months after
    being married, and it completely changed how we view money.

  • Kurt & Heather

    Shorel and Sandra,

    Thanks for the writings and emails. We are so enjoying them again.

    How we laughed over your financial peace bit. The interchange between you and Shorel could be Kurt and I. Lol. Thanks for the encouragement…we agree whole heartedly!

    Love, Kurt and Heather

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