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Giving Thanks :: 7 – 12 :: The Death of a Hard Drive

I wanted to give thanks each day this month on the blog, but apparently my hard drive did not share the same goal.

:: 7 ::
On Thursday evening, we watched Billy Graham’s final message for America. Of course, it’s always shocking to see how much America has changed since our last visit. (Right now in California, someone is trying to pass a law for gender free bathrooms in public schools.)

America is not the same.

But Hubs and I have hope.

We have met so many people who are authentic and engaging.

:: 8 ::
Our weekend started slow.
I love slow.
Hubs was out of town for 7 days so I was feeling the end of myself.
At this point, I was just thankful that I even attempted to do homeschool. We read two chapters of Farmer Boy… just because.

:: 9 ::
On Saturday, I took the kids to the park and then to Target. I thought it would be good to pick up some items for our Operation Christmas Child’s box. Unfortunately, the four-year-old and the two-year-old did not understand the concept of buying toys to send overseas.

Hubs came home Saturday evening after the kids were in bed.
Happy is the wife whose Husband is at home.

:: 10 ::
On Sunday, we decided to go to Costco after club.
Yes, we are insane.
For some reason, a hot dog with a beverage for $1.50 sounded so delicious. Grocery shopping took longer than we thought so we called Nanamaw, who was at home, and asked her to stand curbside and throw the Awana vests in the mini-van as we drove by. The kids were only 5 minutes late for Awana. Whew.

:: 11 ::
My computer went on the brink while Hubs was away. It’s in such bad shape that he took it to the Apple store. As it turns out, the hard drive is going bad. Apparently this happens in about 5% of new computers in the first year…and I just happened to get a bad batch. Thankfully the computer is still under warrantee and the data is completely backed up. A new hard drive should be in place by next week.

Mom and I made a late night run to Target just to walk around and talk. We agreed that Target’s dollar bins are a billion dollar industry.

:: 12 ::
Hubs and I went on a date night tonight. We are trying to get back into the habit of dating regularly. Of course, each week we have high expectations that we will enjoy some delicious Mexican food. So far, we are 0 for 3.

Aside from blan food, every date night has been great, discussing life, marriage, kids, etc. It’s nice to look at each other and actually complete a sentence without an interruption.

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