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A Word from the Varsity

Last Thursday, Schäfer asked if he could quit first grade.

Oh my.

Then on Friday, I quit.

After a good cry and 20 minutes of silence, I returned and apologized.

Homeschooling isn’t at all like I thought it would be. There are some really great moments, but there’s also The Daily Grind. Yes, math is

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We’re trying a new rhythm to our week which consists of Hubs homeschooling on Wednesdays. Part of this is to give Hubs the opportunity to be involved in a major part of the kids life. Another part of this is to give me some time to write, respond to e-mail, and actually plan homeschool (as

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Giving Thanks :: 7 – 12 :: The Death of a Hard Drive

I wanted to give thanks each day this month on the blog, but apparently my hard drive did not share the same goal.

:: 7 :: On Thursday evening, we watched Billy Graham’s final message for America. Of course, it’s always shocking to see how much America has changed since our last visit. (Right

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Giving Thanks :: 6 :: Financial Peace

One of the items on my USA bucket list was to understand our finances.

Me: Can I see our checkbook? Hubs: We don’t have a checkbook. Me: How can we not have a checkbook? Hubs: We don’t need a checkbook. Me: I want to send a check! Hubs: Then we will ask the bank to

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Giving Thanks :: 5 :: Grandmaw

Today was normal.

Today was busy.

With toddlers, busy is normal.

wake up breakfast reading prayers get dressed teeth homeschool snacktime more homeschool lunch naptime even more homeschool snack time free play supper books bath pajamas bed

Also today, our littlest one decided she would turn seven-months-old.

It wasn’t until later in the week when

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Giving Thanks :: 4 :: 50 free books

On Monday evening, we loaded in the mini-van to go to a place which always ensures my children a magical, only-in-America experience.

We went to the Public Library and borrowed 50 books… for free.

I know!

One library card yields 25 books. Technically, our family could have 3 library cards, but Hubs says that 2

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