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Giving Thanks :: 3 :: Nanamaw

For almost a year we knew we were coming to America in August 2013. Once we figured out where we would set up home, the plan was that Nanamaw would move in and stay with us until we left for China again.


Because I need her.

I’m in a busy season nursing a baby

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Giving Thanks :: 2 :: palm trees

In August, we put life in China on pause and came back to the states for a few months.

Right now, we’re in Southern California where Hubs is working on a university campus.

Landing in SoCal has been wonderfully strange. We’re not from here. We have no family nearby. Thankfully, we do have some precious

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Giving Thanks :: 1 :: hello there.

Hello there.

So I took a little unexpected pause.

If I had known I was going to stop writing for 7 months, then I certainly would have informed you. Each day seemed to flash by. Between the meals and the cloth diapers and the homeschooling, I could barely keep up.

I’ve decided to come out

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