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We’re trying a new rhythm to our week which consists of Hubs homeschooling on Wednesdays. Part of this is to give Hubs the opportunity to be involved in a major part of the kids life. Another part of this is to give me some time to write, respond to e-mail, and actually plan homeschool (as opposed to flying by the seat of my pants each day. Ahem.)

With a breastfeeding baby who is currently in a growth spurt, I haven’t felt a total freedom to leave the house so I can accomplish some goals.

On this particular Wednesday morning, Hubs was teaching Schäfer at the kitchen table. Selah and Sianna were screaming their way around the house while I was in the back bedroom nursing Senna.

Somehow it was already 9:45am.

I had been productive most of the morning. I went to the gym at 6am! Had breakfast! Showered! And now I was nursing Senna.

There were many things I needed to do:
sort the growing stack of art
read Singapore Math teaching guide
read Miquon Math teaching guide
plan grammar
read handwriting guide

But in my heart, I knew what I really needed to do. As soon as I settled Senna in her crib, I got Sianna and Selah dressed, somewhat brushed their hair, and we headed out the door.

We went to the park. Just the three of us.

They were so excited you would have thought it was Christmas morning.

Two girls. One hand for each. (A rare factor in a family of 4.)

I left so quickly I forgot my iPhone and my camera.

They ran to the swings. Two sisters. Side by side.

I stood behind them and pushed for almost 45 minutes straight.

I thought to myself, “So this is what parenting was like in the 80s.”

No cell phone. No camera. No way to record this moment.

Yet, feeling the freedom to just focus on them. Feeling the freedom to just BE.

When the girls moved on to the slide, I lingered by the swings. Then, I sat down and started to swing.

I felt the motion of my legs moving the swing back and forth and my hair flowed along.

I smiled in my soul.

Because I’m so busy with the oldest. The homeschooling can be consuming.

And I’m constantly feeding the youngest. The last one I’ll ever nurse.

It’s the two in-between who slip away from me.

So today… for 2 hours… I smiled and played and laughed.

I held hands and picked up leaves.

I loved on my girls and they loved me right back.

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  • Beth M

    Oh my, I cried a little as I read your post. I can so relate to this, except instead of homeschooling an older and nursing a younger, I am working full-time and in the midst of moving to a new home. My 4&1/2 and almost-3-year-old girls are growing faster every day and I feel the time slipping away from me, as well! Thanks for the reminder to just calm down and enjoy EVERY MOMENT with them. Other things are less important by far.

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