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An interview with Schäfer – age 7

Age 4 interview here. Age 5 interview here. Age 6 interview here.

What can we say about Schäfer?

He’s pure sunshine. He loves to play outside. He’s become a great swimmer – with his goggles on. He likes airplanes and air craft carriers. He loves to look at books. He eats a ton. He loves

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2013 December Daily :: 26 :: All is Calm

This morning all the girls went shopping. It was fun to go to the mall with Sianna, Selah, Senna and my Mom. Of course, it was work and it involved a lot of snacks, but it was neat to have a girl outing.

Other than our morning excursion, we had a very slow, post Christmas

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2013 Christmas List

Every year, we sit down and make a December List. I know some people like to plan their activities on an Advent Calendar, but it just stresses me out to think that I have to do something on a certain day. Here’s all that we dreamed of doing during the 2013 Christmas season and what

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German Pyramid Round 2

September 2004

On September 23, 2004, while Hubs and I were backpacking Europe, we found Kathe Wohlfahrt’s Christmas Shop in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany.

While in the shop, we toured her German Christmas Museum which included a collection of beautiful 6 foot tall German Pyramid’s.

Surprisingly, we left the Christmas Shop empty

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potty training charts then & now

Exhibit A: The potty training chart of the first born. So tidy. So organized.

Exhibit B: The potty training chart of the third child. The route to the purple scooter was drawn by the big brother. The stickers were placed by the third child. Never mind the placement. The prize was obtained on

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2013 December Daily :: 25 :: Merry Christmas!

(Just wrapping up the December Daily. Thanks for your patience.)

Merry Christmas from the Kleinerts! Schäfer 6, Sianna 4, Selah 3, Senna 8m

Our Christmas day began the same way it does every year: with the reading of the Christmas story.

After recognizing why we have Christmas and why we give

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