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2013 December Daily :: 1 :: Holly Jolly

This particular Sunday morning was busy.

Hubs was working on a speech and making horchata for dinner tonight. (The rice and almonds had to soak all day.)

I went to the garage to get out a large box. I thought it contained chopsticks. Instead, it contained lots of heavy papers. I picked it up wrong (with my back instead of my knees) and immediately knew I might have pulled a muscle.

Hubs left to give his speech while the kids and I went to our usual Sunday club.

I know it’s strange that we are not going to the same Sunday club, but we’ve decided that Hubs can drive around and meet different people, but the kids desperately need structure, friends, and the same teachers. Moving them from place to place each Sunday is very difficult.

This morning, I asked Schäfer, “What do you like about Sunday club?” He replied, “Two things. I like the snack you bring me. (I always bring him something to eat between activities.) And I like P.  Monty’s stories.” Those words warmed my heart becuase I thought he would said, “Friends & prizes.”

As each hour passed, my back pain increased.

I could barely make it through lunch. I spent the afternoon nursing Senna in bed while Selah played nearby. Nanamaw tried to entertain the kids by watching football on TV, but that only kept Schäfer’s interest.

Hubs made it home in time to finish his horchata. We were invited over to Caleb’s house. Last summer Caleb came to visit us, so it was awesome to spend some time with his family. Schäfer had such a great time. In fact, he passed on pie in order to have more time with Lego.

The funny thing is that Hubs got it in his mind that we were going to have Mexican food for supper (hence, the horchata hostess gift he spend all day making), but the Garcia family decided to grill hamburgers and hotdogs. Yum! The kids were delighted. So we paired hamburgers with horchata. Ole!

On our drive home, the kids saw Twinkle lights for the first time. They were a.m.a.z.e.d. (Reality check: these houses had very few lights on. My kids have no clue all the twinkle that awaits.)  Occasionally someone would yell, “I see a Christmas tree!” It was true. They did! Horray!

We’ve started putting Selah to bed in Nanamaw’s room. We’re making some sleeping choices based off our sanity. Some evenings, it was taking the kids 3 hours to go to sleep. We cut out afternoon naps, we tightened our night time routine and finally, we moved Selah away from her playmates. Once she is asleep, Hubs carries her back to the kids room. It’s not a long term solution, but it does work.

The house is quiet so I must be off to sleep. Please excuse me while I awkwardly walk down the hall and somehow maneuver myself into bed without using any lower back muscles.

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