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Watching • absolutely nothing. I’m ready for a new season of Downtown Abbey.

Listening • I’ve found that I like to listen to podcast when I run. I know some people listen to them when they fold laundry or do dishes, but my kids are always asking me something so running is the one time of day that I’m not needed to problem solve. Right now, my favorite podcast is from The Art of Simple.

Cooking • alot of soup + homemade bread. It’s rainy season so the July temperatures have been in the low 70’s. Last week, I made pumpkin soup and vegetable soup. Friday night, I made pizza and banana-based ice creams.

Reading • Strong Mothers, Strong Sons by Meg Meeker

Doing • homeschool in the morning. Cooking in the afternoon.

Going • to our capitol city this weekend! So looking forward to a little 3 day break. We plan on hitting up the zoo and a dinosaur park. Bonus: the hotel has a pool! The kids don’t have a clue. I love it.

Loving • reading The Box Car series to Schäfer during afternoon quiet rest. Senna’s sleeping. Sianna and Selah are playing in their room. Meanwhile, Schäfer and I are unraveling a new mystery curled up together in a chair.

Discovering • Hubs and I are in the middle of a hair experiment. We are only washing our hair with water. They say in 2 weeks our hair will be phenomenal – with a complete balance of natural oils, etc. Right now, it’s not so pretty. If my hair is not amazing by next week, I’m going back to shampoo. For sure.

Enjoying • watching the kids eat popsicles for afternoon snack. The kids think popsicles are incredible. If I make a smoothie, I fill the popsicle’s first then serve the smoothie. I’ve also made popsicles out of lemonade.

Thinking • about Senna who is in the Great Age of Discovery where she is into everything. It’s so hard right now. And she’s not sleeping very well at night. But she’s growing up so very fast. I don’t remember it being this fast.

Feeling • really thankful for SK6. For Hubs who is working hard to make our new apartment livable… dare I say even a little comfortable? And for these kids. These kids! They are so amazing and little and trainable. There are so many good days to come, but I’m especially thankful for the right now.

Starting • to purge. We are moving across town next week and with that task comes the necessary truth that I must touch everything we own in order to get it in a box. It’s been a while (2 years?) since I’ve tackled a major purge. It’s time.

Playing • board games after supper. Sometimes, I take all three girls up for a bath so Hubs and Schäfer can play Catan. Other times, I take Senna for bath while the kids play Pinkalicious or High Ho Cherry-O.

Planning • a monthly menu + once-a-month batch cooking. Our new apartment will have space for a small freezer so Hubs really wants us to give batch cooking a try.

Working • on getting organized. Tossing the unnecessary. Filing the important.

Thanking • God for summer. For slower days. More sunlight. And a desire to be still.


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  • Marianne Pitchford

    Okay, I recommend you try Sherlock, the British one. Not sure how you all watch, but it is on Netflix. We also Watched Mr. Selfridge, a Masterpiece theater and it was really great we both enjoyed them! Oh, and have you seen Call the Midwife? That too is a British show and we really LOVE that show!!

    Regarding going “poo-free”….HATED IT! I tried just water and also baking soda and water and vinegar and water…..3 weeks = crummy hair! I decided to go to shampoo of the natural variety, which I am sure would be hard for you to find. I have to actually order it on Amazon now……Hope it is better for you guys. I think it probably works better if you have GREAT water!

    Love that you are blogging again!

  • J-

    Maybe you don’t need the temptation of something else to watch, and I haven’t watched it myself, but I loved the book and friends who like Downton also like this show: Call the Midwife. FWIW.

    Also, my hair does much better (as in I receive compliments even) when I don’t use shampoo. (Although I do use conditioner; it’s the method from the book / website Curly Girl.) Hope your experiment works!

  • Heather L

    I’ve been getting your email updates since April. Sometime before that a card with your family on it made it into our home and we have been thinking of your after dinner (at least when your card is on the top of the stack of cards we have:). I because curious to know more about who we were thinking for so I signed up for your blog posts. It has been fun following along in your journey. My kids (ages 10,8,5 and 3) often find it surprising to see how much they have in common with your kids (they also love Buck Denver, Little House, Boxcar Children and things of that nature) even though they live so far away. I have enjoyed seeing what you and I have in common as well. I’ve also been making smoothes a lot this summer. A new favorite combo is milk, frozen blueberries, spinach, a banana, peanut butter and coco powder. The blueberries might be hard for you to get?? but that just adds some sweetness so you could do honey or another fruit instead. I have also been in purging mode as we have listed our home for sale and if He sells it we will be moving to a smaller place in Kamiah, ID (we are currently in Athol, ID). I also listen to The Art of Simple and wondered if your no poo inspiration was from the episode where the lady is living in a bus? I loved that episode:)! Anyway, I just wanted to comment and introduce myself. I’ll try to comment more as I know it is nice to hear back from your readers. I used to blog often when I owned an online website ( but I sold it a year ago and haven’t written since then. But I’ll be starting up again soon and look forward to that. Blessings!

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