The America Awards 2014

We’ve been back in China for 5 months and 2 days. Part of being back has been processing all that we just experienced while spending 6 months in America.

Whew. We had some fun!

And so we present to you: The America Awards 2.0
A USDA certified organic, flax seed, omega 3, pro-biotic experience.

best chicken: Chick-fil-A
best mexican: Olivia’s
burger: In-N-Out
sauce: Chick-fil-A’s house sauce
best meat: Hubs smoked brisket
chai: Peet’s with a nod to Trabantcoffee in Seattle
best quick lunch: $1.50 hot dog + drink at Costco
most unexpected dietary love: Great Value cinnamon almonds
most unexpected deliciousness: Theo chocolates
calories I’d do again: yogurt buffet
wish we could have eaten: Hodad’s Burgers in San Diego (line was a block long)
thankfully, we did not enter: McDonalds, Burger King, Captain D’s, KFC or Subway even once.

best movie: Hubs took Schäfer to see “Planes” –  his first movie in a theater
new-to-us reality TV show: Storage Wars & Amish Mafia
also new to us: watching TV on netflix
hmmm…: Hubs and I never saw a movie together. I don’t think there was anything I wanted to see.

best airport play area: Seattle (though we would vote Singapore if we could)
place we should have gone: Mexico
so glad we: went camping at Wollawa Whitman National Forest
wish we could have stayed longer: California Redwoods
most treasured item lost: baby stroller
theme parks: Disneyland, Sea World, San Deigo Zoo & Safari Park, Legoland
total states visited: 10

items completed: March Field air museum, San Deigo Safari Park, Space Shuttle Endeavor, pumpkin patch, Oak Glen Apple Farms, hiked Mt. Rubidoux, Legoland, Disney at Christmas, ate at a famous cupcake bakery, Sea World, San Deigo Zoo, USS Martin

we didn’t get to: Sequoia National Park, the Grand Canyon, or Mexico

exciting news: the house we stayed in had a pool!
best news: the house we stayed in had a lawn service

biggest return culture shock: how many people make debt a pet
price of gas: $3.59/gallon
thing I thought I would do, but didn’t do: print photos and put together albums
biggest surprise: how many parks and events were free
best public service: the library

best generica shopping: Target
best discount: Target dollar bin at 70% off
best coupon redeemed: Kohl’s stack-able coupons
Hubs best find: jerky-gun
Sandra’s best find: craft supplies at Michael’s + 40% off coupon!
best weight saver: Kindle
best sale: Old Navy
favorite place to shop: Goodwill
new-to-me: Erin took me shopping on the last day of a consignment sale where everything was 50% off – Wowza!

best weather: August in Oregon
most anticipated event: Christmas Day
best food on Christmas day: smoked brisket
best post-Christmas event: after Christmas sales
wish we could have done…: snow skiing

Sandra: clean public bathrooms with changing tables
Hubs: Prime shipping from amazon.com

This concludes our 2nd edition of The America Awards.
A low-carb, zero grams trans fat, 7 vitamins and minerals, certified fair-trade experience.