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Writers Block :: Get Thee Behind Me

I stopped blogging in April 2012.

I’ve basically had writers block for 2 years and 3 months.

Yes, there was an occasional post there and there, but it was forced. There was no natural flow.

I asked Hubs to take down the blog. I told him I was done.

He told me I wasn’t.

I don’t know what happened 2 years and three months ago. I can’t point my finger on any specific moment that I knocked the writing right out of me. I suppose it was a combination of things.

• Hubs job changed so we moved to a new area that was very different from where we previously lived.

• I was suddenly pregnant with our 4th. Surprise!

• I was suppose to start homeschooling our first until I realized that I don’t like doing the same thing everyday and therefore homeschooling is not as fun as it looks on the internet.

• Hubs traveled alot.

• Six people in a 90 square meter apartment can, at times, feel tight.

Somewhere between making sure we were clothed and fed each day, I lost my ability to write.

I couldn’t form complete thoughts.

I was content. I was even happy.

Yet, the words to describe this season of life would not come.

Lately, there has been a change in me. Something small. Something I can’t explain.

Today, I want to write again.

9 comments to Writers Block :: Get Thee Behind Me

  • Time

    I’m glad you’re back – I love reading about what’s going on with the SK6’s! But, I can totally understand the need to take a break – you guys have had a lot going on the last few years! Hang in there!

  • J-

    Glad you want to write again! I always enjoy hearing your voice. There are seasons to life, and they come via the loving hands of Providence. Some seasons don’t include writing. Glad this one does. 🙂

  • Stacy Scheel

    I just opened my computer to blog again this morning. 🙂 Glad you feel like writkng again, I love to read your updates and keep up with your wonderful family.

  • I’m so glad. I love when you write!

  • Beth S

    As someone who homeschooled her 3 boys until high school, I know there were ups and downs in the process. Now that one is in college, one will be a senior and the youngest is starting high school, I miss those crazy days when they were all so small. I love reading about your family and your daily life in exotic China. It’s wonderful news that you want to write again! Thanks so much for sharing your blog.

  • Librarian Lorraine

    I love your blog! (I’ve told you that, right?)

  • Gail Thomas

    I think of those busy days years ago when all five of ours were at home; I was teaching; Henry was always gone….I never thought of all that as work….I just thought of it as life. Now my life seems so simple.

    Life does change. You have such an interesting journey, and I do love to read your blog, but I understand that you need some down time too!

    Love, gst

  • jdavis2

    lovin’ that you’re back!
    & totally understanding how that unintentional break happened. 😉
    excited to stay connected…

  • Kate

    Have absolutely loved reading your blog. My daughters are both from China – so I have truly enjoyed being able to share pieces of your lives with them! Welcome back!

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