Mid-Autum Festival 2014

2008 – in America
2012 – we celebrated in a local park. Photos not yet edited.
2013 – in America

After just one week of Chinese school, the kids had a break because today was Mid-Autum Festival.

I spent the morning homeschooling.  Schäfer has become obsessed with chapter books so on every 15 minute break he curls up in a chair and reads. I wish he would go outside and run non-stop for 15 minutes, but he’d rather solve a mystery.

This afternoon, friends came over. The kids played outside for 2.5 hours in the hot sun. I love that we live in a place where they can run and climb trees and feel a little freedom.

Hubs worked until 6pm. Then, we had our first ever “pigs in a blanket” which was a BIG hit with the kids. We walked to a local park, ate mooncakes, and watched a fountain show. Then it was time to get then home, scrub the black off their feet, kiss their sweet cheeks and turn the lights off.

Here are a couple of photos from Hubs phone.

Schäfer – 7 – orange mooncake
Sianna – 5 – strawberry mooncake
Selah – 3 – grape mooncake
Senna – 1 – pineapple mooncake

Schäfer, Sianna and Selah watching the fountain show with the moon in the background.