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Baby Basics :: Ultimate Shopping List


That wraps up our Baby Basics series. Whew. Anybody else need a refreshing beverage and a light snack?

If I could only bring 3 things from America they would be: 1. an Ergo 2. winter down jumpers 3. ear thermometer + medicine

The very basics: crib, stroller, highchair, walker, etc. can be

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Books :: The First Year

Like most subjects, I decided to tackle my first year of parenting through detailed research. I quickly learned that my research would be ongoing. Just as soon as I figured my babies out, they reached another milestone and changed again.

I also learned that The Experts do not agree. It seems there’s more than

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Baby Basics :: Clothing

Baby and child’s clothing is all over If you’ve found a shop with great prices + quality please share in the comments.

I’ve found that the clothing available in the local stores is cheap and very poor quality. Good quality clothing is oftentimes more expensive than the states.

Hand-Me-Downs We’ve been very fortunate to

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Baby Basics :: Bath

Bath time is play time!

We like to bathe our kids until they are pruned.

Tub A variety of baby bath tubs are available in China for about $10.

Insert We used an insert for Schäfer, but then it broke when on loan to a friend. So Sianna and Selah never had an

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Baby Basics :: Play

Today we’re going to be talking about all things play. These are the items that will get a lot or very little attention. I’ve you’re baby has a favorite toy or you know a great taobao shop, please let us know in the comments!

Free time = an organized toy mat. Oh the life

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Baby Basics :: Transportation

Today we’re going to talk about all things transportation. I’ve never seen a car seat in China. I’m not sure if car seats are not required by law or if that law exists, but is ignored. (If you know, please share!)

Since we don’t have a car, we take the bus, taxi or ride our

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