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1st Day of Chinese School 2014

We’ve had lots of firsts around here.

Last Monday, Sianna started her first day of Chinese Kindergarten. She attends each day from 8am – 11:40am. So far, three hours of Chinese immersion is enough for her. (Actually, the class sleeps for 2 hours in the afternoon so I don’t see any point in paying

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Last Day of San You Preschool

Wednesday – January 16

Today was the last day of Chinese Preschool. The kids are officially on break for Chinese New Year. Yes, they get a delightful 6 weeks off! Yippy!

As if our children have not endured enough change and transition, Hubs and I have decided that the kids will be attending a

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Chinese Preschool Health Checks

I’ve spent most of the past 2 weeks scouting a local preschool for Schäfer and Sianna. This year, Schäfer will be in Da Ban and Sianna will be in Xiao Ban. (The 5-year-old and 3-year-old class, respectively.)

It has been very difficult to even find a preschool that would entertain the idea of having foreign

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All Things Preschool

02.24 We love Schäfer’s Chinese preschool! They are always having a family oriented activity or doing a special craft.

03.22 In March, the entire preschool went to a nearby park to pick up trash. The park must have known we were coming because there was not once single piece of trash to be

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A Saturday Morning Meeting

On Saturday morning, Schäfer and I headed over to the kindergarten for a meeting.

At first, the meeting was kind of interesting. All of the Saturday school classes hosted a demonstration. Schäfer will not be taking additional classes on Saturday, but it was neat to see what types of classes were available: Taekwondo,

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2011 December Daily :: 30 :: Happy 5th Birthday Schäfer!

By the time I finished nursing Selah, Schäfer was already out of bed sitting on the couch in the living room. Hubs and I sang him “Happy Birthday” as soon as we saw him. He bounced from side to side as we sang. He’s pure sunshine.

For his birthday breakfast, he wanted biscuits with

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