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Our Last Night in Apartment 28-12

For the past two years, we’ve lived on the 28th floor in a 90 square meter apartment. Tomorrow, we will transition to a friend’s place while our new apartment receives some much needed attention… the concrete walls are finally straight, but the kitchen is not installed.

I find myself feeling very bittersweet about this transition.

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The Foreign Wife

Having long suspected, I first noticed it at Burger King. We were in the Bangkok Airport waiting for our flight to the states. The kids were getting hungry so we decided to stop at Burger King (the “BKK BK”) for a bite to eat. I ordered my first Whopper in years, peeled back the wrapper

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Black Dragon Hike

Sometime at the end of January I got it into my mind to go on an overnight hike. A friend of mine and I chose to hike the Black Dragon Pool trail. The beginning of the trail, leading up to a Dali marble quarry, is well worn by pack mules.

The views from the

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A New Perspective

On July 2nd we moved to the city of Dali in Yunnan province. Check it out…

Afternoon at the park.


Lake Erhai

Sunday afternoon climb

Scrambling back to the apartment before it rains.

Clouds over Dali and Erhai Lake

Wood work on a pagoda


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Time to Fly Southwest

07.01 Our last night in Nanchang was spent enjoying the water show.

07.02 So long Nanchang airport.

I lived in Nanchang before Hubs and I were married.

We also stayed in Nanchang during Sianna’s adoption.

And now we are flying out of Nanchang as we transition to a different part of China.

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