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The Longest Move… Ever

06.22 After 3 days of packing through the night, the movers came and hauled our stuff into a truck.

Hello caffeine. I got through the day with a little help from my friend’s at Tea Element.

Selah enjoyed a coconut milk. Schäfer had a mango slush.

06.24 Two days later, we returned because

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Apartment #101

Before photos here

As you enter the door…

The hallway is straight ahead. The kitchen is to the left. The living room is on the right.

On the left is our dining room.

Just off the dining room is the kitchen complete with glass wall. I was afraid of this glass

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Our last night in JiuJiang

The last 5 days were some of the most insane of my life. Hubs was busy so I packed our apartment after the kids went to bed at 7:30pm. I was probably up until 3 or 4am each night sorting, packing, nursing, and packing some more. This move didn’t go quite as planned, but given

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An Unexpected Evening

The day began with cool winds and dark clouds. After so much heat and humidity, it was wonderful to take the kids outside just before a rainstorm began. I love my girls in summer dresses and crocs.

This evening, we were invited by Jenni to come check out a new park over by

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June :: Sunny Days

06.05 Selah and Sianna love taking their big brother to school. Ayi prefers that I get all the kids out of the house int he morning so she can work without interruptions. I completely understand!

After Schäfer is at school, I generally take the girls to a nearby playground so they can run some

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June :: Off to a Good Start

06.02.12 Schäfer worked on this piece of art for a couple of days. It was his first time to put drawings with words. He created and spelled everything himself without asking for help.

“Sooper Heroe to th resk kyo”

“Help me”

06.03.12 Nothing is better than cold watermelon on a hot

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