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Well Hello March

We are home and getting into a routine again. Schäfer has loved being home with his toys. It seemed that he really missed the bathtub while we were away. My swelling is completely gone. My ankles were horrible in Thailand, but they are just fine in Dali. Less humidity, I guess.

Sianna has had some

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baby #4 at 32 & 33 weeks

Pregnancy at 32 weeks…

02.09.13 Sometimes when I look down, I can see feet, but they don’t look like my feet.

02.09.13 And it seems like half my child’s head is always missing…

My reflection is much larger than I remember.

02.17.13 baby #4 @ 33 weeks

Me & my

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Gender Reveal Party

I couldn’t help but take some photos of the kids sleeping this morning.

Schäfer sleeping.

Fuzzy Sianna.

(Selah was in her tent so I couldn’t get a good photo of her.)

Today was my day at the “spa”. Actually, it was my day for dental, a pre-natal visit, a vision exam, and an

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baby #4 at 31 weeks

The view from above.

baby #4 @ 30 weeks


I am officially 30 weeks pregnant. Most people in the neighborhood think I’m just fat. Come spring, have I got a surprise for them!

Normally, on these cold January days, I’m covered up by Hubs big, blue polartec so I do look unusually puffy. But still, I think there’s definitely a pretty

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baby #4 – the fastest pregnancy EV.ER.

Today, I am 29 weeks pregnant and only have 11 weeks left to go.

Good gravy. Where has the time gone?

The truth of the matter is that I can hardly keep up with my daily tasks.

Baby #1 pregnancy I took naps when I felt tired. I laid down on the couch when my

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